Staying in touch with close friends requires more effort when everybody lives somewhere else on the planet. Scheduling calls to catch up certainly works, but it requires time-commitment, and time zones make scheduling unnecessarily complicated.

After living in NYC for a year, I ended up doing the following: If I walk somewhere for about 30 minutes, I'd text 2 friends or family members, asking if they're available for a chat. Often one of them would end up calling me. This way, no prior planning was necessary, things felt more spontaneous and I was able to use my NYC walking time to catch up.

The problems

The solution

A Telegram bot that manages the communication and revokes messages as soon as you're unavailable again.

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How does it work:

  1. Say hi to the bot via t.me/WalkWithFriendsBot
  2. You add all the Telegram contacts using /newcontact [username]
  3. You type /free to mark yourself as available
  4. You tell the bot how many minutes you'll be free (this number will be sent as part of the message to your friends)
  5. The bot now sends out messages to all your friends in your contact list, one message every 20 seconds
  6. The order in which the messages are sent is based on when you last had a call with them, to prefer people you haven't chatted in a while
  7. As soon as your first friend hits the /confirm button
  8. You and your friend will be connected
  9. All other invites will be revoked, meaning if e.g. the friend was sleeping during that time, they won't even see that there ever was a message

Why Telegram?

🔰 Start using the bot 🔰

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